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What is Earthing or Grounding

Earth’s energy is very important for us, just like the Sun’s energy is important or in fact vital. When we touch Earth with our bare skin we receive a charge of energy that makes us feel good and this is called grounding or earthing. Humans have always done this naturally by working and walking the Earth. We earth or ground ourselves best through our bare feet and bare hands. In our modern time and lifestyle though many of us tend to spend most of our time inside and if/when we go outside we wear shoes that prevent us from touching Earth and grounding ourselves.This type of lifestyle disconnect us from Earth’s energy and it's magnetic field. It disconnect us from Nature itself. Some people, especially in cities, don’t touch the earth for days or even weeks, months and years.

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I had the absolute pleasure to host another raw food prep class with Miss Magic. And Gosh is she Magic. What she does not know about raw food is hardly worth knowing. She has been eating in this super healthy way for almost 20 years and she has brought up 3 beautiful boys this way too (oldest is 16).

It was a small group this time but quality before quantity. It was a great group and we had a lot of fun and got inspired by each other. We were making food as well as talking about the nutrition around it. I get too excited in classes so I tend to forget to take photos. Again I didn't take photos of all the yummy food we made. You just have to imagine it.

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