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Welcome to Linéa Natural Nutrition

"Health is not just absence from disease.
 It should be an abundance of vitality and we should accept nothing less"

Hello and welcome to Linéa Natural Nutrition. This is an informative Nutrition and Health site, offering Naturopathic Nutritional advice, Delicious and Healthy Recipes, Plant based and Raw food information, workshops, retreats and more. I am absolutely passionate about nutrition  and dedicated to helping you to reach optimum health and wellbeing. Nutrition is the basis for all healing.
I am deeply committed to sharing my substantial knowledge in this amazing field. I offer Nutritional Consultations, Live Blood Analysis and BioResonance screening. At the moment I see clients in the garden studio in Hackney or via Zoom online. Please do not hesitate to contact me to find out how a consultation with me might benefit you.

Love and Light.

Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis is an amazingly motivating tool that will show the current health of your blood


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The wisdom of nature through traditional healing methods and therapies.

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Nutritional Therapy

"Let your food be thy medicine and your medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

We are what we eat

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Optimise Your Health, Vitality and Quality of Life

Wouldn't it be great to be buzzing with energy and positive thoughts; to look and feel younger than you are; to be motivated every single day; to have a good night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and happy; to be free from trivial worries and to be able to cope easily with all the stress the day might present to you. I am certain that if we know what choices to make when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle we can indeed enjoy our life more to the full.

What reasons are there to stop us from feeling this way?  Here are a few examples of some important factors that can affect our health in a negative way: 

To optimize our health and vitality we need to know what our stressors are, try to reduce them and develop ways of coping with them. Find out what actually affect us and try and do something about it.

Nutritional Therapy is a great tool for improving your health in an easy way. We need to be aware of what the food we eat is doing to us, where it comes from and what is actually inside it. There is so much we can do to improve our health and there is a lot of information out there. It can be very difficult to choose the right path particularly on your own. Seeing a Naturopath or Nutritional Therapist is a fantastic investment in your health. To feel healthy and vital, to stay healthy for longer and to have a good quality of life must be the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves and our families. Nutritious clean food is basis of all healing.

The European Commission’s Public Health report 2009 report showed that chronic diseases were behind 86% of all deaths in the EU.


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Public Health Report 2009 - European Commission for Public Health