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 EXCITING NEWS - My book is out finally. Came out in October 2019. It is called Fermentation and is of course about Fermentation. You can order it from here  or directly from me if you contact me. It can also be ordered from most book stores or you can get it from one of my workshops that I do regularly. 

Thursday17th of June to 21st of June 2021 - Online Detox and Longevity Retreat with Asa Simonsson and Lisa Dunn

This is a naturopathic detox retreat focusing on detox and Longevity. This retreat is open for everyone and it is a wonderful opportunity to cleanse in the comfort of your own home and with the support from a small group of participants and with professional guidance throughout. Specifically designed yoga detox flow to support your detox organs and promote longevity. Detox techniques to filter out toxic hormones and practical advise how to keep going after the cleanse on a day to day basis as detox is something that happens daily 24/7. 

If you are low in energy, feeling sluggish, depressed, have brain fog or maybe have had too much alcohol and junk-food during these stressful times or if you are feeling fearful of anything including getting ill. Then this retreat will be a great way to give you a boost and get you back on track with your health.

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And here are some more workshops that I do. Please contact me for more information regarding these.

  • Make your own Natural Skin Care – Make creams, lotions and ointments from scratch. Asa has 15 years experience of manufacturing and selling her own brand of cosmetics. 
  • Cold Stirred Soap Making – This is an amazing way of making soap keeping all the goodness in the oils we use. Learn how to make soaps from scratch. Asa has 15 years experience in making soaps.
  • Setting up your own cosmetics business – This is a course I offer on a one to one basis for anyone serious in setting up their own business. Asa has helped many clients setting up their own successful businesses. Everything from how to make soaps and natural cosmetics from scratch, the legal requirements, suppliers, and 15 years of knowledge of the trade.