Live Blood Analysis


Live Blood Analysis in Hackney East London

Live Blood Analysis is an amazing educational tool and will give a snap shot of your bloods health right now. To see your blood Live is a fascinating and very motivating experience. 

A blood sample is taken with a tiny prick on your finger.  I will then look at your blood under a microscope. You will be able to see exactly what I see on a connected TV screen. The powerful microscope will enable you to see your blood magnified 1000 times. 

Live Blood Analysis will show what your blood cells look right now. Snap shot of your bloods health.

Live Blood Analysis is pure, simple and first class education about the health of your blood. It is not a diagnostic tool but it helps me in finding the root cause of your problem. In one drop of blood we will see around 5 million blood cells. Most of them are red blood cells and around 25% are white blood cells. 

I use the Darkfield technology to look at the size, shape and mobility of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets or thrombocytes. I also look at the health of the plasma. Healthy blood cells should be a certain size, a certain shape and swim around freely in the plasma. A healthy plasma should be clear with minimal debris. We can see straight away what kind of health your blood is via live blood analysis. 

If your red blood cells are clumped together or either too small or too big they cannot do their job properly. Their  main job is to deliver oxygen from the lungs all around the body and to remove carbon dioxide as a waste and take it back to the lungs for elimination. If they cannot do their job properly your whole health will suffer.

The amazing white blood cells are part of your immune system and we can get a good idea of their health, looking at them through the microscope how they are eating up bacteria and other pathogens in front of us.

 The plasma is the extra cellular matrix that the cells float in and this should be relatively clear from debris. Sometimes we can see fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms in the plasma. Sometimes it can even look clogged up and dirty, full of clotting factors, platelet aggregations, plaques and particle of foods. 

The following are blood samples:

  • Normal Live Blood
    Normal Blood
  • Agglutination
    Clumped Cells
  • Normal Dry Blood
    Normal Dry Blood
  • Adrenal Stress
    Adrenal Stress
  • Normal Live Blood
    Sample 1
  • Agglutinated Cells
    Sample 2
  • Normal Dry Blood
    Sample 3
  • Adrenal Stress
    Sample 4
It is with regret that I cannot share much more information regarding findings in live blood analysis. This is because of tough regulations within the EU set by the ASA. If you want more information I suggest you email me with your questions and I am more than happy to share what information you are wondering over.

To actually see your blood and how it is looking can be very inspirational. You will be motivated to do changes to improve the look of your blood cells as well as your health and longevity. You will be able to see your blood changing for the better when your health improves.

Live Blood Analysis is an amazing tool in complimentary health care. Education and prevention is key in taking responsibility for your own health. I love to teach and motivate people in making changes. Just remember it is you that need to do all the changes. I will only help you with the tools towards your goal. I know how difficult it can be but it is indeed possible to improve your health. Although I am a medically trained registered nurse I urge you to see a haematologist if you suspect any blood related diseases. 

Live Blood Analysis is not going to give you blood results as given in a full blood count at your GP. Live Blood Analysis is not an alternative to a Full blood count. 

In the consultation I will take into consideration the findings of the Live Blood Analysis, findings of bio-resonance screening, as well as the findings of a very thorough health questionnaire that you will need to fill in prior to coming. Together we will come up with a plan and a protocol that is doable for you taking into consideration your future health goals.

I believe that Live Blood analysis is a fantastic tool to use regularly. Live blood analysis however cannot and should not be used to diagnose any health conditions. I am not able to tell if you have a specific disease by looking at your blood.

You will leave the consultation with a more profound awareness of what health means for you! Hopefully I have given you ideas and inspiration of what you can do to improve your health and feel better and more vital. Protocols will include dietry and lifestyle advice, supplement and herbal remedy suggestions, homeopathy and emotional support. It is never too late to take control of your own health. I will share a lot of information with you during the consultation and then it is up to you what you do with this information. You are in charge of your health and it is your commitment that will lead to improved health.

Dry Blood Analysis

This is an additional test done also during the consultation if we have time. If we do not have time I will still look at the findings when I comprise the treatment plan. It is also known as an oxidative stress test where we can pinpoint reasons to why blood dries in various ways. Particularly useful when it comes to several types of toxins.


Your initial Live Blood Consultation - At the moment I see clients in the Garden Studio in Hackney, East London. The first consultation includes a live blood analysis, a bio-resonance screening or electro dermal screening looking at various aspects of health. A detailed naturopathic treatment plan will be sent to you after the consultation as it will take me some time to go through the findings more in details. This is a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan (including supplements, homeopathy and herbs) I will use the findings in the tests I do, as well as your detailed health evaluation to create this plan for you. Taking into considerations your health goals and what you are willing or able to do.

 Follow up - Follow up will include another live blood analysis and a bio-resonance screening to see your progress. We also look at your eating and lifestyle plan if something needs to be tweaked, increased or decreased. 

Ongoing Telephone or Zoom Support - This can be to do with your treatment plan or anything new that may occur in your life.

Personalised Homeopathic Remedy - If you wish to have a personalised homeopathic remedy created by Quest/Asyra from a new bioresonance screening but without a full on consultation this can be done and sent out to you. Including postage and packaging this is £30

Consultation Prices
  • Initial Consultation £125-£150
  • Follow up consultations -  £95
  • Ongoing telephone or zoom support -  £25 for 30 minutes    
  • Personalised Homeopathic Remedy including postage and packaging - £30