Live Blood Analysis


Live Blood Analysis in Hackney East London. In very special circumstances I can come and see you where you are.  Contact me for further details.

Live Blood Analysis is a with  great educational tool. To see your blood Live is a fascinating and very educating experience. It is however not a diagnostic tool,

A blood sample is taken with a tiny prick on your finger.  We will then look at your blood under a microscope. You will be able to see exactly what I see on a connected computer screen. The powerful microscope will enable you to see your blood magnified 1000 times. To actually see your blood live is a fascinating and very educating experience.

Live Blood Analysis will show what your blood cells look right now.

Live Blood Analysis is pure, simple and first class education about the health of your blood. It is not however a diagnostic tool.

I use the Darkfield technology to look at the size, shape and mobility of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets or thrombocytes. I also look at the plasma. A healhty plasma should be clear. I regret that I cannot share any more information on what we can see in a live blood sample. This is because there are regulations made by ASA for your own safety and security. No health claims can be done. Live Blood Analysis cannot be viewed as a diagnostic tool. Live Blood Analysis is purely educational. We are not allowed to do any kind of health claims with this amazing equipment.

The following are blood samples:

  • Normal Live Blood
    Normal Blood
  • Agglutination
    Clumped Cells
  • Normal Dry Blood
    Normal Dry Blood
  • Adrenal Stress
    Adrenal Stress
  • Normal Live Blood
    Sample 1
  • Agglutinated Cells
    Sample 2
  • Normal Dry Blood
    Sample 3
  • Adrenal Stress
    Sample 4
The ASA has told me that they will close down my website if I mention what we can see in a drop of blood. I am not even allowed to mention what my Medical and haematology books (meant for Nurses and Doctors education) are saying about what blood consists of and what can change in blood. I am however permitted to blog about haematology. So watch this space.

To actually see your blood and how it is looking can be very inspirational. Hopefully you will be motivated to do changes to improve the look of your blood cells as well as your health and longevity. However no health claims can be made by Live Blood Analysis.

A healthy blood will have:

  • Red blood cells (erythrocytes)
  • Active and vibrant white blood cells (leukocytes)
  • Clear Blood Plasma

It is with regret that I (or any other Live Blood Analysis Therapist) am unable to share with you more information about live blood analysis because of various regulations decided by the ASA. Again I must stress that Live Blood Analysis is not a treatment or a therapy. It cannot be used to diagnose or treat any disease condition and you cannot improve your health simply by looking at a drop of blood.

Live Blood Analysis is an amazing educational tool in complimentary health care. Education and prevention is preferable in complimentary health. We leave the diagnosis to Medical Doctors that know exactly what they are doing. I am not medically trained as a hematology Medical Doctor but I am medically trained as a nurse. If you suspect to have a blood related disease you need to seek medical advice and get a diagnosis from a trained Medical Doctor.

In the consultation I will take into consideration the findings of the Live Blood Analysis, findings of bioresonance screening, as well as the very thorough health questionnaire that you will need to fill in prior to coming. Together we will come up with a plan and a protocol that is doable for you taking into consideration your future health goals.

I believe that Live Blood analysis is a fantastic tool to use regularly. Live blood analysis however cannot and should not be used to diagnose any health conditions. I am not able to tell if you have a specific disease by looking at your blood.

You will hopefully leave the consultation with a more profound awareness of what health means for you! Hopefully I have given you ideas and inspiration of what you can do to improve your health and feel better and more vital. Protocols will include dietry and lifestyle advice, supplement and herbal remedy suggestions, homeopathy and emotional support. It is never too late to take control of your own health. I will share a lot of information with you during the consultation and then it is up to you what you do with this information. You are in charge of your health and it is your commitment that will lead to improved health.

Dry Blood Analysis

This is an additional test done also during the consultation if we have time. It is also known as an oxidative stress test where we can pinpoint reasons to why blood dries in certain various ways .  I am unable to give you more information on the website about this test due to regulations by the ASA.


Your initial Live Blood Consultation - At the moment I see clients only in Hackney, East London. The first consultation includes a live blood analysis, a bio-resonance screening or electro dermal screening looking at various aspects of health and able to do a variety of in house testing. A detailed eating and lifestyle plan (including supplements, homeopathy and herbs) depending on the outcome of your blood picture and screening will often be sent to you after the appointment. weekly email support for a month after the appointment. You can also come for a Live Blood Analysis consultation only. This will not include a detailed personal treatment protocol but you will get a report highlighting the various findings from the live blood analysis as well as a picture of your blood. This suit people that don't really have any health issues but are interested to see the state of their blood for prevention of ill health. I also suggest this consultations to vegans that want to monitor their B12 levels. (search macrocytes)

Follow up - The follow up will include another live blood analysis and Asyra screening to see your progress. We also look at your eating and lifestyle plan if something needs to be tweaked, increased or decreased. Adjusted supplement program and Weekly email support for a month after the appointment. Follow ups are only available to clients that come for a full consultation 

Home Visits - I do home consultation in special circumstances. If you are in London the live blood analysis price is £250 for a home visit and you need to be at least 2 people. If you live outside London it really depends on how long it would take me to come to you. I often combine food workshop and consultation as home visit.

Please email me for further information.


Consultation Prices
  • Live Blood Analysis consultation only - does not include personal treatment protocol (1 hour) £95
  • Initial Consultation with in house bio resonance screening and detailed personal treatment protocol (1.5-2 hours)  - £125                           
  • Follow up with Blood Analysis and bioresonance screening (1 hour) -  £65                      
  • Home visits, London - £250       
  • Home visits, outside London - contact me for further information  
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