Natural Fertility Workshop

This Natural Fertility Workshop will gently guide you through practical ways to improve your chances of conceiving naturally or together with an assisted conception.

Next Workshop is happening on the 5th of October

This workshop is open to all women who:

  • Want to start a family and want to be in optimal health for conception
  • Are having challenges getting pregnant and are looking to restore and boost their fertility
  • Are having problems with miscarriages
  • Are experiencing difficulties with their reproductive system like menstruation cycle problems, polycystic ovary syndrome or endometriosis
  • Want to feel supported and have a space to relax and unwind
  • Are undergoing IVF or other medical fertility treatment (what we do does not interfere with any medical treatment, it will only enhance it)
  • Might already have children but are finding it difficult to get pregnant this time
  • Are of all ages including 40 and beyond and want to be in great shape for pregnancy and need to have their eggs in great condition
  • Are reaching an age when they know it is better to do something to maintain their fertility for longer

This Workshop has been created by myself and my dear friend Purna Rojas of I am a Nutritional Therapist and a Naturopath and Purna is a Yoga Therapist and a Healing Expert. Together we have an abundance of knowledge and experiences to share with you. We created this workshop for you to help you conceive the baby you have always wanted.

These are some examples what we will do in the workshop

  • Learn about what to eat and what to avoid. You will have loads of tasty fertility enhancing food recipes to take home with you.
  • Try fertility enhancing food that are easy to prepare.
  • Learn about Fertility enhancing supplements and superfoods and where to get them.
  • We will do Yoga sequences to improve your fertility. We will make sure you learn the sequences so that you can do this at home.
  • Learn Powerful relaxation techniques to relieve stress.
  • All your questions answered in an intimate, supportive and relaxed atmosphere. (group size of max 8)
  • Learn how to transform your home and surroundings into fertility enhancing environments.
  • Get an idea about your Zinc and pH-levels in case they are stopping you from getting pregnant.
  • Exercises in how to Achieve mental, physical and emotional balance.

We use a natural, balanced and comprehensive approach to empower you with the best of choices. We are body, mind and soul, therefore our solution touch all of these areas. We share with you an abundance of practical, useful and down to earth information that will help you prepare and and transform for healthy and natural conception.

We use time tested and modern techniques and we keep up with the latest research and development. Additionally the program includes specific practical and local information that you will not find in any other book.

Registration Fee

This is a full day workshop. The cost of this workshop is £150. In addition to everything listed above the Natural Fertility Workshop also includes:

  • An amazing Natural Fertility Book with all the information that we go through on the day and more
  • Healthy Lunch and fertility enhancing snacks
  • Fertility enhancing Recipes
  • Cooking demonstration of certain fertility enhancing foods.
  • 2 Yoga sessions
  • Learn different fertility Meditation techniques
  • A CD with a fertility enhancing meditation exercisse
  • Goodie bag with various beautiful little gifts
Price £150. Book with a friend and pay only £135
Time: 10am - 18pm
Location: Central London
Next Workshop: 5th of October