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Our 3rd Restore Retreat was a great success again. June 2013 and we had the first glimps of the beautiful summer of 2013. The weather was amazing and the setting beautiful. Cas and Marcus Pollen's amazing estate Norton Hall at its absolute best. Outdoor living the whole weekend. The tennis court and pool came into its own right and the ladies were using it throughout. The group dynamic is different at each retreat and it never stops amaze me how many lovely souls there are and how people come together and find each other. I was deeply humbled by these lovely ladies and what they brought to the group.


Norton Hall is beautiful. The house is grand and gorgeous as well as being very cozy and welcoming. The house really wants to be lived in and Cas has done a stunning job with it.

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Our First Restore Retreat in November 2012 was a great success. I was the raw food chef together with Bruna Oliveira and we created high vibrational super healthy food free from meat, dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar and alcohol. Cuisine full of vegetables, fruit, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients and lots and lots of love. We served Raw food for breakfast and lunch whilst dinner was a cooked vegan meal. If you eat raw food for breakfast and lunch whilst keeping dinner cooked you eat a high raw diet. This means that you eat 80% of your food raw. This is a great way of eating for health, lots of energy and prevention of disease.

This first retreat was all about hormonal health. Especially about peri-menopausal transition and beyond. 12 women from the age of 40 came together and celebrated in awe. We were 6 therapists working on the retreat so plenty of love and care for every participant. We had such a beautiful time and everybody left feeling a few pounds lighter, inspired and motivated to continue leading a super healthy life.

The ladies started the day with a Detox Tea followed by a green Juice and there after yoga for an hour and half. Breakfast was served buffet style with 2 different kinds of granola, almond milk, chia pudding, various raw crackers and fruit salad.

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