The importance of Grounding or Earthing yourself

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What is Earthing or Grounding

Earth’s energy is very important for us, just like the Sun’s energy is important or in fact vital. When we touch Earth with our bare skin we receive a charge of energy that makes us feel good and this is called grounding or earthing. Humans have always done this naturally by working and walking the Earth. We earth or ground ourselves best through our bare feet and bare hands. In our modern time and lifestyle though many of us tend to spend most of our time inside and if/when we go outside we wear shoes that prevent us from touching Earth and grounding ourselves.This type of lifestyle disconnect us from Earth’s energy and it's magnetic field. It disconnect us from Nature itself. Some people, especially in cities, don’t touch the earth for days or even weeks, months and years.

Earthing Research and Theory

New research has raised the possibility that this disconnected lifestyle may actually contribute to stress, chronic pain, fatigue, and poor sleep. Research shows that our immune system works optimal when our body has an adequate amount of electrons which we obtain by walking barefoot on Earth. Research also shows that the more time people spend with direct contact with Earth the better they feel. Adequate levels of electrons supports a good immune system and it also supports circulation, synchronization of biorhythms and other physiological processes. There are also theories that not earthing yourself regularly can be a factor in heart disease and other more serious illnesses. The first time we realized how important earth is to our immune system was when Yuri Gagarin and his crew came back from the Moon. Their immune systems were completely depleted. Now space travelers use something called the Shuman resonance or pulse. This is a little gadget that mimics Earth’s electromagnetic fields.

Earthing on Holiday

When we go on holiday we tend to walk barefoot, lay sunbathing on the ground, swim in the sea, etc. On holiday most of us will ground ourselves for at least 45 minutes a day. I believe that this is a huge contributing factor to why we feel so good while on holiday. It might not just be because we are not working or doing daily chores. I am on holiday at the moment. Every summer I go to my lovely home country Sweden. We spend the summers mostly outdoors on a little island in the archipelago on the West Coast outside Gothenburg. Me and my children all go barefoot the whole summer. We also swim a lot in the very salty Sea every day. Seawater is a very effective way to ground yourself. The salt in the water makes the electrical charge travel much faster. There are several people in their 80’s and 90’s here on the island and they all have a morning dip in the salty Sea every day. Its like a ritual and when your body get used to this it loves it and craves it. To earth yourself in this profound way I believe is very good for keeping young and fit. I always feel fabulous when I am on holiday.

Earthing at Home

How can you ground yourself for 45 minutes a day after your holiday? Best way is to walk barefoot. But If you cannot walk barefoot or touch the earth for various reasons there are other ways to get grounded. There are several products on the market that you can use indoors and even when you sleep that will ground you. At home I use grounding sheets to sleep on. Grounding yourself when you sleep will make you sleep a lot better and when you wake up you will be feeling rested and well. You will also look better after a night on a grounding sheet.You will heal quicker if you ground yourself when you sleep. We know this through tests on athletes. Their bodies recovered much quicker from physical exhaustion when they slept grounded. You can also ground yourself when you are using your computer. This is great as it also protects from the electrical charge and all the positive ions from the computer.

Earthing and your Blood

Working with Live Blood Analysis, I am very interested in everything that will benefit your blood picture. David Wolfe has done several experiments with live blood analysis and grounding yourself and it was after hearing about this a few years back I got really into the Earthing theory. The blood always looks better after grounding yourself for 45 minutes. I have done several tests on myself and my family and friends and I would agree with David Wolfe. The blood looks much better after 45 minutes of grounding. It is quite incredible that this will change your blood picture so quickly. The electrical charge on the blood cells will change and they will travel more freely and tend to be more separated from each other. This is a very good thing. Blood cells should have a charge that makes them not stick together to work optimally. When they move freely they will deliver oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body much more effective.

Read more about earthing theory on this website

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