What you can expect from your consultation

Before you come to see me I will ask you to fill in a case history form where there are questions about your health now, and health history, family health history and genetics, current stress factors, the health of all your vital organs, foods etc. I would also like you to fill in a food diary over a short period. 

In our first consultation we will step through the case history form and discuss the status of your health and the factors behind it. The more I know about you the more I can help you bringing back balance. 

I will then look at your blood live in a large microscope. I will take a tiny drop of blood by pricking your finger and then we will study your blood through a Darkfield Microscope that will magnify your blood 1000 times. You will be able to see it displayed on the computer screen linked via a video camera to the microscope. This is an empowering and highly motivational experience. (read more in the Live Blood Analysis section)

I also look at your body’s physical indicators such as skin tone and condition, eyes, nails, and tongue.

In addition to live blood analysis I use a bio energetic screening devise called AsyraPro or Quest4. This is a computerised analysis system backed by more than 50 years research. It identifies imbalances or stresses in the body that leads to the underlying causes of health issues. Much like an ECG it measures subtle energetic patterns of the brain, the AsyraPro system measures the body's subtle energetic response to specific test filters. You will sit comfortably whilest holding 2 electrodes while the computer does the testing. This enables me to get a more profound idea about the route cause of problems. The AsyraPro or quest4 can screen for many things. It is not a diagnostic tool but it will help us get a deeper understanding to what might be causing imbalances in your body so we can help getting your body into balance again. Research has shown the AsyraPro can have high correlation with standard blood test results.

I sometimes although more rarely suggest you do further functional medicine Testing. Examples , Hair Mineral and heavy metal check, Stress test, Hormonal testing, digestive health and immunity testing. This depending on what you need help with, and what you want, and your finances. This category of tests are sent to a lab for analysis and they vary in cost. However most of the time it is more than enough with the live blood analysis and the bio-energetic screening which are both included in the price of the consultation.

Initial Consultation - This takes around 2 hours and we will go through your health evaluation, look at your blood and I will run several tests on the AsyraPro whilst we talk. We will go thorugh a lot of information during your first visit but dont worry, I will bullet point the most important for you and send this as a written protocol after our session as well as supplement/herb protocol and naturopathic life style suggestions. You are welcome to record the session if you wish as there might be things we talk about that I will not write down for you. Included in all sessions is a personalised homeopathic remedy created using the information from the bioresonance AsyraPro machine. At home, When you have recieved your written protocol we can have a chat about it over the phone or via zoom if there is anything you wonder about or if you have any new questions from our session.

 The protocol will be like a step by step guide taking into consideration all the findings from the tests plus your healht evaluation. The naturopathic protocol suggested will be a mixture of Dietary changes, Healing Foods and Super Foods, Herbs and Supplements, Bach flower remedies, Homeopathic remedies, Detoxification, and Lifestyle changes. The treatment plan is tailored for you and no 2 plans are the same. 

  • Dietry Changes - how you should eat according to the results of your tests and condition being treated
  • Superfoods – Highly nutritious foods such as green powders, algae’s, certain herbs and berries, etc.
  • Nutritional Supplements: Where there are chronic deficiencies or your condition could benefit from increasing certain nutrients, nutritional supplements will be recommended. 
  • Other remedies – Like Bach Flower remedies or Tissue salts depending on your results
  • Detoxification - if your condition has been brought about by your body accumulating toxins due to over-exposure to chemicals, drugs, poor quality food or stress then a detoxification programme will be recommended. This could involve following a detox diet for a period of time, undertaking an intestinal cleansing program or a liver cleanse program or a brief period of fasting. 
  • Herbs - western herbal medicine is recommended to promote healing, relieve symptoms, support the organs and function and much more. Tinctures or capsules prepared by a master herbalist

Follow up Consultation - We cannot address everything on the first consulation so it is suggested to book in for a follow up even though one consulation migth be all you need. 

Depending on your condition, your treatment plan may be in several stages. Stage 1 might be

  • The interpretation of your health history and what the route cause to your problems might be, using your questionnaire, LBA findings and Electro Dermal Screening results.
  • Initial diet recommendation. You will get a suggested diet plan with recipes for you to start with initially.
  • An introductory supplement and herbal program.
  • Additional Homeopathic remedy as well as Bach remedies (2 of these included in the consultation price)
  • Naturopathic techniques and exercise program.  

After your follow up appointment you may enter Stage 2 of your health protocol:

  • Interpretation of any new tests as well as the initial one 
  • We will look at your previous dietplan and see how it has gone and adjust it accordingly.
  • Updated supplement and herbal program as well as homeopathic remedy
  • I may suggest a tailored cleansing program. Naturopathically this is a very important part of healing and longevity. 

Ongoing Support - It can be hard to change habits so I am happy to support you on a more long term basis. This can be done via more follow up appointments or telephone appointments. Prices below.

For optimum health and vitality the following principles will have to be balanced:

  • A nutritional clean diet
  • Supplements to prevent deficiencies in the body
  • Regular exercise
  • Spend time outside daily
  • Relaxation time and anti stress techniques
  • Enough pure water
  • Positive thinking and mental exercises

You do not have to feel unwell to benefit from a consultation with me. Many of my clients come out of curiosity or simply to look for new ways to maintain their good health. I have many clients that come once a year for a general health check and preventative measures. 

I am absolutely passionate about Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy. It is such a powerful tool in both preventing and healing symptoms of disease.

I have helped 1000nds of people back to help and I know without making any health claims that almost any chronic disease can improve with Nutritional Therapy. You just need to know what to do and what choices there are to make. Make a commitment and then be consistant.

This is an amazing journey to take. You will be amazed how much your life can improve if you let it.

 “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”. Hippocrates

Examples of common chronic problems Nutritional Therapy can help you with:

  • Digestive problems and Candida 
  • Low Immunity and Inflammation
  • Mental & Emotional problems (depression, insomnia, addictions)
  • Muscle and Skeletal Problems
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Skin problems (eczema, acne, rosacea etc.) 
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue and Low energy 
  • Stress and Adrenal Fatigue 
  • Hormonal Problems (PMS, infertility, thyroid problems etc.) 
  • Weight loss (this happens automatically with the right diet. I am not a weightloss therapist)
Consultation Prices
  • Initial consultation. I offer a 2 tiered price range. Full price is £150 and if you are effected by current affairs I have a price for you of  £120
  • Follow up consultations - £95                         
  • Ongoing telephone or zoom support. Please pay before session - £25 for 30 minutes 
  • Initial, and follow up visit paid together - £220              
  • Personalised Homeopathic remedy according to new test but without consultation  - £30 (including postage)
  • Home visits Blood Analysis Groups (at least 3) - please contact me for information