Workshops and Courses

Fermentation Master Class

In this workshop we learn the ancient art of fermenting foods. This is a process when friendly bacteria is introduced to the food before we eat it and it has incredible health benefits. We learn all about these health benefits and how to make the following:

  • Nut Cheeses
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Salsas and relishes
  • Kombucha and Kefir water - Amazingly tasty and healthy pro-biotic drinks. Your perfect alternative to wine
This is a full day course 11-4pm Minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 8. Included in the price is an amazingly tasty fermented lunch including all the amazing foods we are making. All the fermented foods you will be making yourself. Fermented drinks throughout the day. Lots of tasters. All the recipes and nutritional information printed.

Price: £95. 

Next fermentation workshops

22nd and 23rd of April 2022 in London and more dates to come

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Raw Food Uncooking Classes made Easy

Welcome to join one of Linéa Natural Nutrition workshops or courses. These are run in Hackney, East London. Find more information on each workshop below.

  • Super useful and Detoxing Raw and Living Food Workshop
  • Raw Food Chef Master Course - 5 evening classes
  • The fabulous Art of Fermentation
  • Raw Chocolate Making Master Class - Beginners and Advanced
  • Raw Chocolate Making for kids (great for birthday parties)
  • 3 Course Raw Dinner + Raw Snacks Master Class
Super Useful Raw and Living Food Workshop

During this workshop I demonstrate super easy and super healthy recipes to get you inspired and to include more raw food in your diet.

As I am a nutritionist we go through the nutrition bit as well. We talk about all the health benefits of raw food, the importance of an alkaline diet and what it is and the pitfalls of a raw food diet.  Food does not automatically mean a healthy diet. There are plenty of things you need to know to be healthy on a raw diet. We will prepare several meals on the day and we will also go through and taste superfoods, super herbs, raw chocolate and other amazing foods included in the diet.

You will also have the opportunity to test different kitchen gadgets that makes it easier and quicker to prepare raw foods. We will eat our way through the day. Everything we make and taste you will get the recipe of.

Here are some examples of foods we made in past workshops.

  • Almond milk and various other nuts and seed milks
  • Green juices and smoothies
  • Raw food breakfast ideas like granola's, chia puddings, smoothies etc.
  • Hearty salads with creamy, delicious and nutritious salad dressings
  • Raw lasanga and pasta dishes
  • Raw sushi, pickled ginger and relishes
  • Raw Crackers and bread
  • Raw cakes

Do come hungry as we are having  lots of foods together. This course is a whole day course. Minimum of 5 participants. Maximum of 12. Included in the price is a raw lunch and all food we make on the day. Recipes of everything we taste and make.

Price: £75. Book with a friend and pay only £65 each
Raw Food Chef Master Course

Become a raw food chef in your own kitchen. In this course we meet up 5 evenings for 3.5h each time. Apart from making lots and lots of raw food we also go through an abundance of nutritional information. As a nutritionist and a raw foodist for the last 6 years I have a substantial amount of experience and knowledge in this. Everything you need to know answered. We will meet 5 times and depending on interest and where questions are taking us the schedule below might change.

  • Necessary raw food basics, Living breakfast ideas and snacks: Nut mylks, Green juices, Granola's, Chia porridge, Superfood smoothies and Energy bars.
  • Raw food staples - Hearty salads and nourishing, nutrient packed dressings and relishes.
  • Raw crackers and bread. We make unbelievably tasty raw pizza. Raw crackers and chips. Healthy cola
  • The raw puddings. The main reason the raw food diet made perfect sense to me. We will try and cram in the following: chocolate cakes, fruity cheese cakes, super charged blueberry muffins, raw ice-creams and raw chocolates.
  • We learn how to make some easy fermented foods. Kimchi, Sauerkraut, nut-cheeses, relishes and kombucha.

Included in this course is all the food we make and try. All recipes printed with lots of nutritional information. All nutritional questions answered. Minimum of 6 participants. Maximum 12.

Price: £175 Book with a friend and pay only £160 each.
Raw Chocolate Master Class

Learn how to make your own raw chocolate. Delicious and super healthy. This is some of what we will learn in the beginners class:

  • We will go through the ins and outs of raw chocolate and why it is becoming so incredibly popular.
  • We learn all about the chocolate ingredients: fats, different sweeteners, powders, superfoods, nuts etc. We go through all the nutritional bits on these as well.
  • We make at least 3 different chocolates and we taste more than that.
  • We talk about ways how you can be creative with your chocolate making from now on

Included in this workshop are all the chocolates that we make and taste. Printed recipes on everything we make and taste. Tea, Hot chocolates and raw snacks.This workshop is 3.5 hours long. Minimum 6 participants Maximum 10.

Price: £35. Book with a friend and pay only £30
No dates are scheduled for this workshop. Contact me for information



Advanced Chocolate making

This will take your raw chocolate making to a completely new and very exciting level. This is some of what we will do on this course

  • We introduce more ingredients and go through them
  • We go through various more advanced chocolate making equipment
  • We learn how to temper raw chocolate
  • We make white, "milk" and dark chocolate
  • We go through how to flavor and colour chocolate with natural ingredients
  • How to create texture to your raw chocolate. caramelized almonds, crispy mint buckwheat's etc.

This course is 4.5 hours long (sometimes we run over) and included are all the chocolates we make and taste, Light Lunch, snacks and drinks, All the recipes of what we make and taste printed together with nutritional information. Minimum 4 and max 8 participants

The price is £65. Book with a friend and pay only £60
No dates are scheduled for this workshop
Raw Chocolate Making for Kids

This is a 2.5 hour long course for kids making delicious and super healthy raw chocolate. It is suitable from the age of 9. This is what we do on the course.

We have a quick and very interactive talk about the ingredients and why they are more healthy than in normal chocolate. We put emphasis on the different natural sweeteners we use and why these would be preferred to normal sugar. Sweeties for the kids free from sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten, transfats and other nasties.

We will make together:

  • Hot chocolate
  • chocolate pudding
  • chocolate balls and truffles
  • chocolate cake

Included in the price are all the chocolates we make. The children will need to bring some containers to bring some of it with them home to impress. All the recipes printed out so that they can come straight back home and make some healthy chocolates for you.This workshop is suitable from 9 years old and is perfect for birthday parties. I can come to your house.

Price £25 - or £180 for a party of maximum 10 children
3 Course Raw Dinner + snacks Master class

On this workshop we are making a full raw dinner together. Starter, Main and pudding. We eat together what we make for lunch. Pudding and snacks you will be able to take with you home to impress. We also go through an abundance of nutritional information during the day and why raw food is so popular and good for you. All your questions answered. All recipes and lots of information included in a little booklet.

The dinners can look something like this:

  • Starter: Raw pesto stuffed portobella mushrooms, or curried vegetables with dipping sauces
  • Main: Tacos with walnut meat and creamy guacamole, or raw pad thai
  • Pudding: Raspberry cheese cake, or chocolate mousse with cashew cream
  • Snacks: raw crackers and crisps, tamari seeds

This is a full day course from 11.30-17.00 Included in the price are all the 3 courses, snacks and the printed recipes and nutritional information. Also a 20% discount on Nutritional Consultations is offered. The workshop require a Minimum 4 participants, max 10.

Price: £95